Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring in Katy, TX

Hardwood Flooring in Katy TX

Our locally owned flooring store offers quality flooring to meet your residential hardwood flooring needs. We provide expert advice and hardwood flooring installation services to provide you with a complete flooring package. Rely on us when you need guidance on selecting the best hard wood floors to add a stunning new look to your home.

Impressive Custom Looks

You’ve chosen the perfect furniture, accent pieces, paintings, and décor. Now it’s time to pull your theme together with a gorgeous hardwood floor. Hardwood flooring is a tasteful surface that is offered in a multitude of natural variations, glosses, finishes, grains, and species. Pick the perfect piece—from oak to cherry to exotic hardwood flooring—that makes your design dreams come true!

Our array of appealing colors ranges from chocolate, autumn, and chestnut to toasted almond, cabernet, corn silk, and apple wood. You purchase quality hardwood flooring that customizes the look of your space when you select from our supply of national brands. We offer the following trusted names in hard wood floors:

  • Design Distinctions Rustic
  • Downs Defender Wood
  • Downs Performance
  • Floorcraft
  • Star Values

Our mission is to ensure that your flooring and design requirements are met. We stand behind every brand we carry! Explore more of our hardwood flooring brands and catalog selections today or request an in-store tour with one of our consultants.

Longevity and Excellent Service

You not only want stunning solid or engineered hardwood floors, but you also want to make sure your investment lasts. Engineered hardwood floors effectively resist moisture, while solid hardwood floors offer unique characteristics, such as natural variation. Whatever your decision, know that your hardwood flooring purchase will be one of the smartest purchases you make.

Professional Hardwood Flooring Installation

Once you have decided on the brand, type, and finish of wood, let us install that hardwood flooring for you. Our flooring store has dedicated and trained flooring technicians who specialize in doing just this. They are knowledgeable about every aspect of hardwood flooring installation.

Choosing hard wood floors is more than just a decorating option; it is an investment in the appeal and value of your property. We provide you with professional installation to protect that investment. When performing installation, our technicians ensure longevity with preparation. Before we put in your new floors, our crew will deliver the wood to your home, which allows the wood to breathe and adjust to the moisture content in the air.

Our technicians prepare the subfloor before laying down any hardwood. They make sure the subfloor is clean, dry, and structurally sound. Usually hardwood is installed over a raised subfloor of plywood or OSB. When placing the boards, our technicians work with care and precision, making smooth and straight cuts so the flooring fits perfectly. Then, we nail, staple, glue, or click lock the floor down. Correct installation means allowing space around the edges of the floor for the wood to expand and contract. When done by our professionals, your hard wood floors will last for many years.

Eco-Friendly Hard Wood Flooring

Our local flooring store and our customers are concerned about protecting the environment, which ultimately comes down to choices. Choose our eco-friendly Green Select™ line of hardwood flooring for products that meet high environmental standards. When selecting hardwood, look for Green Select as the flooring that meets at least one of three criteria. The product itself must be able to be recycled, must contain a minimum amount of recycled material, or be made from a sustainable or renewable material, such as bamboo.

Rest assured that all of our hardwood flooring is backed by our Ultimate Confidence Guarantee. We back up our flooring products and installation service with the strongest warranties in the business.

Call our showroom at 832-974-1264 to speak with a flooring professional about installing hardwood floors in your home. We proudly serve the communities of Katy, Memorial, Houston, West Houston area, and Brookshire, TX, plus the surrounding areas.



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